Welcome to WildFarm’s Accommodation Oasis, where rustic charm meets modern comfort, providing a cozy haven amidst the untamed beauty that surrounds us. Nestled in the heart of nature, our accommodation options are designed to complement the wilderness experience while ensuring a restful and rejuvenating stay.

The Wildfarm has a variety of accommodation options available, depending on requirements and for your convenience. Our facilities, rooms, and bathrooms are clean, neat, and serviced daily. Our facilities include a large self-catering kitchen, lounge, and TV area where you can relax and prepare meals.

Accommodation Backpackers, South Africa, Garden Route!
Accommodation Wildfarm, Wilderness, Africa, Backpackers

**1. Eco-Friendly Accommodation Cottages:**

Our eco-friendly cottages seamlessly blend with the natural landscape, offering a sustainable retreat without compromising on comfort. Wake up to the symphony of birdsong and the rustling of leaves, and unwind on your private veranda as you take in panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

**2. Wood Cabins Accommodation:**

For those seeking a touch of adventure, our wood cabin retreats elevate your stay to new heights – literally.  These charming abodes provide a unique vantage point to observe the flora and fauna that call WildFarm home. Enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by nature, creating an unforgettable experience.

**3. Communal Accommodation – Camping with Your Tents:**

Immerse yourself in the camaraderie of the backpacking community with our communal glamping tents. Comfortable and spacious, these tents provide a shared space for travelers to connect, share stories, and forge friendships. It’s a unique way to experience the joy of community living while being close to nature.

**4. Wilderness Accommodation Cabins:**

Our wilderness cabins offer a perfect balance of seclusion and comfort. Tucked away in serene corners of WildFarm, these cabins provide a private retreat for those seeking a more intimate connection with nature. Unplug, unwind, and let the tranquility of the surroundings envelop you.


Every accommodation option at WildFarm has been thoughtfully curated to enhance your overall experience. Whether you prefer the charm of a cottage, the adventure of a treehouse, the communal spirit of glamping, or the seclusion of a cabin, each choice reflects our commitment to providing a diverse range of options for every traveler. Join us at WildFarm, where accommodation is not just a place to stay; it’s an integral part of your immersive journey into the wild. Book your stay now and let the wilderness embrace you.

Accommodation and Prices:

Camping R250 per person

Dorm Room R300 per person

Twin Room R750

Double Room 750

Ensuite Double Room R850

Family Log Room R1250

Ensuite Family Room R1450


Season Prices:

10 December till 10 January!


Please contact us with any accommodation queries you might have!              WhatsApp 067 416 6773


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Beautiful view over Wilderness, nice place with a small bar restaurant and great breakfast. Big property and always a big variety of guests, the road is easy to drive if you‘re not a scary driver, its doable with any car =)

Faye S

Situated in the heart of the Wilderness Mountain tops, beautiful windy road to the backpackers, with some breath taking views and oh the sunsets.! Friendly staff to tasty pizzas.! The Wild Farm knows how to entertain there customers, from chilled bands to loud new years party!

Gillian S
Solo Traveller

Great vibe! Stayed in the en suite cabin which is perfect for a couple.! Great live music, bar and pizza. Beautiful views too.!

Sarah J





Accomodation, Backpackers South Africa, Wilderness, Garden Route
Wilderness, Wildfarm, South Africa, Sunset Garden Route